High Dividend Stocks

Dividend yield is one of the 6 points we use to rank dividend stocks. Not all high yielding stocks make good investments. It’s important to examine the fundamentals of each company before making a decision to buy or sell a stock.

A dividend yield is the percentage that a stock yields in dividends per year. You can calculate the dividend yield by dividing the total dividend paid per year by the stock price. As stock prices fluctuate, so will the dividend yield. Please use caution when investing and be sure to do your own research before buying any stocks. This is not a buy list. Consult a financial advisor before making any decision to buy or sell a stock.

The highest yielding stocks do not always provide the highest return. It’s important to consider other factors like growth, return on investment and the payout ratio. Take a look at our top dividend membership to get more information on each stock listed on our high yield stock list.

The two lists below contain stocks and funds that yield 3% or higher and pay monthly dividends. Monthly distributions can be a good source of income for investors and retirees. Some investors choose to live off the dividend income they receive each month while others will reinvest their income using a DRIP program. There are over 200 funds and trusts that seek to provide monthly income to investors. We have provided a short description of each fund for our premium members.

Last Update: 1/13/2021

Monthly Dividend Payers

Monthly Dividend Funds and Trusts

NameSymbolYield %Beta
Cornerstone Strategic Value FundCLM15.681.15
PIMCO High Income FundPHK9.410.8
AGIC Convertible & Income FundNCV8.661.34
AGIC Convertible and Income Fund IINCZ8.741.33
Prospect Capital CorporationPSEC12.830.96
Gamco Global Gold Ntrl Rsrcs&IncmGGN9.971.14
Western Asset Mrtg Defined OppnDMO9.56N/A
Guggenheim Strategic OpportunitiesGOF10.9N/A
MFS Intermediate Income TrustMIN8.920.16
Calamos Conv. Opptys. & Income FundCHI6.991.25
Avenue Income Credit Strategies FundACP11.11N/A
MFS Special Value TrustMFV9.340.78
Wells Fargo Adv Multi-Sector Inco FundERC9.370.69
MFS Charter Income TrustMCR8.250.42
PIMCO Corporate&Income OpportunityPTY8.670.77
Alpine Global Premier Properties FundAWP9.07N/A
Pimco Income Strategy FundPFL9.340.7
Pimco Income Strategy Fund IIPFN9.50.72
First Trust High Income Long/shortFSD8.99N/A
Calamos Global Total Return FundCGO7.861.39
Gladstone Capital CorporationGLAD8.651.48
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged DivideETO6.551.37
PIMCO Income Opportunity FundPKO8.96N/A
PIMCO Strategic Global GovernmentRCS8.810.79
Gabelli Utility TrustGUT7.490.71
MFS Government Markets Income TrustMGF7.540.03
Advent Claymore Convertible Sec FundAVK8.371.26
ING International High Dividend EquityIID7.74N/A
Calamos Strategic Total Return FundCSQ7.141.36
Western Asset High Income Fund IIHIX8.690.84
PCM FundPCM8.820.76
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income FundFAX7.480.7
Pioneer High Income TrustPHT9.710.95
Eaton V.Tax-Advantaged DividendEVT7.231.34
Western Asset Global High IncomeEHI8.030.78
Pimco Corporate & Income StrategyPCN7.830.75
John Hancock Preferred Income FundHPI7.940.86
John Hancock Pref. Income Fund IIHPF8.020.79
ING Clarion Global Real Estate IncomeIGR8.851.12
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity IncomeEOI6.511.02
First Trust/Aberdeen Global OpportunityFAM9.10.62
BlackRock Corporate High Yield VIHYT8.350.73
Cohen & Steers Select Pref & IncomePSF6.94N/A
Nuveen Preferred Income OpportunitiesJPC6.950.79
Western Asset Global Corp Defind OppGDO6.81N/A
Neuberger Berman High YieldNHS9.210.9
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged GlobalETG6.771.37
Invesco Van Kampen Dyn Cr Opp FundVTA8.30.77
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity IncEOS5.511.15
John Hancock Patriot Premium Div IIPDT8.490.89
DNP Select Income FundDNP7.660.51
Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities & HighERH7.210.72
Flaherty & Crumrine Pref. IncomePFO6.520.6
LMP Corporate Loan FundTLIN/AN/A
Nuveen Multi-Strategy IncomeJQC14.340.66
Invesco Van Kampen High income IIVLT8.530.67
Putnam Master Int. IncomePIM6.290.42
John Hancock Tax-Advantage DvdHTD7.890.89
Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund IncAFT6.080.59
AllianceBernstein Global Hgh IncomeAWF6.710.69
Pioneer Floating Rate TrustPHD7.220.76
BlackRock Ltd. Duration Income TrustBLW7.420.69
The Gabelli Dividend & Income TrustGDV5.91.37
First Trust/Four Corners SFRI IIFCT10.910.73
Lazard Global Total Return & IncomeLGI7.021.19
Putnam Premier Income TrustPPT6.710.42
Eaton Vance Senior Floating-RateEFR6.060.68
Reaves Utility Income FundUTG6.620.61
Invesco Van Kampen Trust For MunVGM4.90.19
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate IncomeEFT5.760.67
Eaton Vance Senior Income TrustEVF6.660.73
Invesco Van Kampen Senior IncomeVVR6.210.73
Franklin Universal TrustFT5.20.61
BlackRock Income TrustBKT6.780.15
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